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    Q What is the third generation of innovation management?
    A Please find more information HERE.
    Q How do you see the third generation of innovation management developing?
    A Please have a look at our blog HERE.
    Q Who/what is innovation-3?
    A Please find more information HERE.
    Q What do you do / what are your solutions?
    A There is more information HERE.
    Q Who are innovation-3’s clients?
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    Q I'm a potential client - Why should I pick innovation-3?
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Our clients have key roles in managing the innovation of leading firms.


Our clients are responsible for corporate innovation development, they are innovation managers or they have a leadership role in innovation clusters.

They have two things in common: They work for leading firms. And their goal is to make sure that their respective firms will be innovation leaders in the future.

Our clients are building next-generation innovation management


Our clients share our view that a third generation of innovation management has begun. Openness, collaboration and networks will be key paradigms.

Therefore, our clients develop existing innovation management systems. They implement new open / collaborative / networked approaches to innovation. And they integrate all of these in a robust framework.

Building next-generation innovation management is a complex task.

Our clients are well aware that building next-generation innovation management is a complex task.

Open Innovation and Collaborative Innovation play a key role. Within the context of strategy, organization, processes, networks / ecosystems and culture change. And collaborative technology management, business model innovation and many more.

innovation-3 simplifies and accelerates building next-generation innovation management.

Our clients are pushing the envelope. They are results-oriented and demanding, expect cutting-edge insights and best-in-class support. That’s why they have decided for innovation-3.

By working with innovation-3, they sharpen their understanding on the few success-critical issues that they need to focus on. They get an unbiased insight on proven and innovative options for addressing these issues. And they receive best-in-class support in implementing the selected option.

We are not just…

an agency providing unique insight on “what is happening out there”.

a service provider with expert advise on what needs to be done.

an experienced “change architect” that consults on the options and implementation routes.

an experienced implementation partner with an impressive implementation track record.

We are all of this in one
and we help our clients to answer their questions