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Book: Implementing Open Innovation

Many companies today examples show that this approach if it is properly organized, could mean a quantum leap for the management of innovation. The basic idea is simple: Instead of using only its internal capacity, the company is looking beyond its borders incorporate specific external expertise in product development.

For implementing open approaches to innovation firms need appropriate processes, methods and systems. Moreover, the approach requires an adjustment of the corporate culture and communication.  Against this background, the book the question of how open innovation is realized in practice and lived, and represents the latest findings as well as useful information about the topic.

This scientific articles and practical best-practice examples of well-known experts will be clearly linked to each other. Besides a general introduction to the topic will be covered include the following:  Potentials and fields of open innovation; Risks and barriers; Technology Orchestration; Systematic cross-industry innovation; Process control by “innovation networks”; Culture and Communication in the open innovation context.

The target group are decision makers from the fields of R & D, innovation management, marketing, strategy, as well as for researchers and students.

innovation-3‘s founder Frank Mattes wrote a section of this book on how to manage culture change in the transition from closed to open innovation.