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How can we connect the dots?
Between non-incremental innovation and business impact?
Between today’s and tomorrow’s corporate innovation?

Listen to one VP Corporate Innovation

We need to increase the business impact from innovation. In many cases, this means Digital.

Our Business Units run process-driven, zero mistake, short-term – Innovation and Agile hardly fit.

Digital also means new ecosystems. How should we work and integrate these?

I need a small consulting company with true experts. One who navigates us effectively.

That’s why I decided for innovation-3.

Here is how innovation-3 delivered

Scaling-Up process

We enriched existing Validation approaches with our unique and best-in-class Pre-Scaling-Up framework. We then crafted an easy-to-read scorecard showing which Value Inflection Points a specific concept had already passed.

We also customized our unique and best-in-class Scaling-up frameworks to the specifics of the client.

Dual Innovation

We operationalized our unique ‘Three Playing Fields’ model (‘Optimize the Core’, ‘Reshape the Core’ and ‘Create the New’) for the client.

We clarified in which cases Business Units and in which cases Corporate Innovation should drive initiatives aiming at ‘Reshaping the Core’

To facilitate adoption, we implemented a light-weight portfolio management system.

Pilot Scaleups

Since in many cases success is the most convincing argument, we applied the concepts that were developed immediately on specific corporate startups / scaleups.

This had a twofold benefit: Our client was able to acclerate the specific corporate stratups / scaleups and we gathered valuable feedback on which aspects required special attention for the overall framework.

The innovation-3 value-add

Experience and Know-How
We know what it takes to succeed in innovation. Be it incremental or non-incremental. Be it physical or Digital. Be it the individual innovation or the system.
Business creativity
We know how to design and scale new concepts in innovation management. We know how to make the ‘Next Frontier of Innovation’ work for your company. Be it Open Innovation portals or systematic Cross-Industry Innovation. Be it in scaling up innovation concepts or building the ‘Scaling-Up Factory’.
Immediate impact
Our clients do not pay for learning curves. We staff our projects only with experienced experts. On demand, as your projects require. So conversations add value – Right from Day One.

see what we do in open

Open Innovation is not new. But Digital adds another reason why companies have to become excellent in open approaches to innovation.

See what we do in Digital

Success in Digital requires building bridges: Between Digital Lab and Core, between functions and IT and between company and ecosystems.

See what we do in Scaling-Up

Generating impact from innovation concepts is not easy. Industrializing Scaling-Up is even harder. We have the framework and the experience.