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How can we connect the dots?
Between running business and innovation with impact?
Between the existing set-up and future-proofing the company?

Listen to what one CxO says

We know how to compete in today’s business. We also have enough ideas for tomorrow’s business.

But we do not generate significant business from innovation.

Big consulting companies do not help. They do not have validated, proven frameworks for Scaling-Up.

I need a specialized partner; with prime references. One who knows to take the organization along.

This why I selected innovation-3.

Here is how innovation-3 delivered

Pictures Of The Future

In a cross-company, cross-industry ‘Pictures Of The Future’ program we worked out 5- to 10-year scenarios,

We then facilitated an internal discussion process: What role does the company want to play in these scenarios? What is the gap between today and the future? Which gaps need to be closed via innovation?

Re-engineer innovation

We clarified how the three Innovation Playing Fields – ‘Optimize the Core, ‘Reshape the Core’ and ‘Create the New’ should be managed under one roof.

To support implementation, we designed and implemented a light-weight portfolio and resource management system.

Common language

We also made sure that Top and Middle Managers could familiarize themselves with the new concepts. As a supporting activity, we installed a company-internal Community Of Practice.

By doing so, management now has a common language about the ‘WHAT’ – and also about the ‘HOW’

The innovation-3 value-add.

Experience and Know-How

We know what it takes to succeed in innovation.
Be it incremental or non-incremental.
Be it physical or Digital.
Be it the individual innovation or the system.

Business creativity

We know how to design and scale new concepts in innovation management.
We know how to make the ‘Next Frontier of Innovation’ work for your company.
Be it Open Innovation portals or systematic Cross-Industry Innovation.
Be it in scaling up innovation concepts or building the ‘Scaling-Up Factory’.

Immediate impact

Our clients do not pay for learning curves.
We staff our projects only with experienced experts.
On demand, as your projects require.
So conversations add value – Right from Day One.

see what we do in open

Open Innovation is not new. But Digital adds another reason why companies have to become excellent in open approaches to innovation.

See what we do in Digital

Success in Digital requires building bridges: Between Digital Lab and Core, between functions and IT and between company and ecosystems.

See what we do in Scaling-Up

Generating impact from innovation concepts is not easy. Industrializing Scaling-Up is even harder. We have the framework and the experience.