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What Digital Transformation really means: Participate in our Peer Group study

Digital Transformation has become a hot business topic.

While executives need answers to prevent an expensive miss-fire, the Digital narrative is stuck in buzzword territory.

Much has been written on the “WHY?” of Digital Transformation. The missing part of this story is the “WHAT?” and “HOW?” of Digital Transformation. High-level statistics show the state of thinking, however they are short on actionable insights.

innovation-3.com aims to change this. Together with our partner team steffenhagen, we are conducting a “closed shop” peer group study.

We will “deep dive” to understand the impact of Digital Transformation for Innovation, Marketing and Sales in the Process Industries. In the first wave, we will focus on Germany and UK.

Using peer-to-peer benchmarking we’ll work out HOW business and functions could and should be transformed and provide insights into WHAT VPs could and should do.

The participants get access to practical ways of approaching the Digital Transformation agenda through stories from their peers that help them to shape their corporate thinking process such as:

  • How are companies approaching Digital Transformation?
  • What are peers doing? What works, what doesn’t? What are Best Practices / What are pitfalls to avoid?
  • What does Digital Transformation really mean for my function at a practical level?
  • What could realistic “pictures of the future” (2-3 years’ timeframe) look like for my function?
  • How should I be involved in the digital transformation process and what actions should I take in my area of responsibility?
  • How do I start making the changes needed in my function?

These insights produced by a structured benchmarking study and access-only network combine to provide meaningful insights for the participating companies.

We are now opening the access to 15-20 companies and will close invites by June 10, 2016.

If you are interested in taking part in this exclusive peer group study, please email frank.mattes@innovation-3.com (Germany) or rob.munro@innovation-3.com (UK)