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Today’s innovation builds on Digital.


New value propositions.
New business models.
Superior Customer Experience.
They all build on Digital.

Digital is more than technology.
Digital Innovation means blending ‘Physical’ with ‘Digital’.
And an agile work style in the Fuzzy Front-End.

Corporate Innovation Management 4.0
Digital Innovation reshapes Corporate Innovation

Many see Digital as a sea of opportunities and a tidal wave that reshapes known coastlines. There seem to be endless innovation options, for radical bottom-line improvement, for new levels of customer experience / customer insight and for establishing new growth platforms.

But nothing comes without a price. The changing face of innovation requires development of Corporate Innovation Management.

Our clients in Corporate innovation Management see six major challenges: (1) Change of the current business scope; (2) Innovation strategy needs to be updated; (3) Moving in unfamiliar territory / New innovation ecosystems; (4) Mastering Scaling-Up, i.e. delivering business impact; (5) New skills; (6) New ways of working.

Is your Corporate Innovation future-proof?

What are the levers you need to move?

We are experts in Corporate Innovation

What we do

In manufacturing industries, the people in Corporate Innovation Management have an ‘atoms’ background, not a ‘bits’ or Digital one.

We help to bridge the gap via ‘Pictures Of the Future’ processes in which scenarios of the future business are developed and discussed to identify relevant innovation initiatives.

We help (S)VPs in Corporate Innovation Management to address the challenges that Digital poses: Updating the mission of Research, Corporate Venture Capital, Technology Scouting etc.

What we deliver

Clarity on the challenge, the options and what should be done.

A proven thought process which engages internal and external experts to develop 5- to 10.year scenarios – and structures the internal discussion: What role should we play? What are the gaps? Which gaps should be closed via innovation?

A vision and mission for a ‘Digital enabled’ Corporate Innovation, including a roadmap for the major initiatives..

Opening up new innovation horizons
Establishing new growth platforms is not that easy

Digital opens up new innovation horizons. In the simplest form, existing products are augmented by data wraps, thus enabling customers to improve their processes.

More advanced plays are x-as-a-service business models. But giving a refrigerator the capability to take an inventory of its contents, or a windmill the opportunity to communicate its technical condition doesn’t guarantee that customers will line up to buy these products.

Skilled strategic Digital innovators think further. They investigate cross-value-chain / cross-industry innovations. They explore how to build the backbone for whole industries.

However, many companies find it hard to implement these far-out innovation horizons.

How do you connect physical and Digital?
Is your company really prepared for Business Model Innovation?

We are experts in new innovation horizons

What we do

In Digital-enabled innovation, the art is not so much in seeing what could be done. It is more important to define innovations that really create value and for which the customers are willing to pay for.

We focus on known and unknown customer problems. We analyze the importance of the problem and the satisfaction with current solutions. We develop ‘rapid demonstrators’ that we test on Desirability, Feasibility and Viability.

After an initial innovation angle has been found, we research how a sustainable competitive advantage could be built. We also analyze how this innovation should be delivered – In many cases it makes sense to partner with other companies.

What we deliver

360° validated innovation concepts and a plan for how to move ahead.

This plan is not a static waterfall-type of plan. It is agile – Showing the key assumptions and how they should be tested.

In defining the game plan, we pay attention to versioning, i.e. getting with a version 1 to the market fast and subsequent updating and enriching the solution.

Since we know that the DNA of ‘hardware engineers’ differs from ‘software engineers’, our plan foresees how Agile could be harmonized with ‘Six-Sigma hardware engineering’.

Assessing Digital Readiness
Digital Readiness precedes Digital success

A lot has been written about Digital changing everything and that companies need to start their Digital Transformation to remain in the game. From our view, C-suites have understood.

As a starting point for Digital Transformation – and to assess which Digital innovation options are the most relevant – an unbiased view on the Digital Readiness makes sense.

Because , as many studies have shown, success in Digital depends on having early wins that motivate the drivers to go one step further and convince the skeptics.

However, many companies find it hard to envision a pragmatic and compact way to assess their Digital Readiness.

Do you know how Digital-ready your company is?

Do you know what to do, beyond upgrading technology?

We are experts in Digital Readiness

What we do

We help companies and Business Units up to ca. 5B revenue to get a compact assessment of their Digital Readiness.

To get down to the essentials, we put ‘Digital’ into four buckets: ‘Operational Excellence’, ‘Customer Experience and Insight’, ‘New Innovation Horizons’ and ‘Organization and People’. These buckets are analyzed with five lenses: Organization, Processes, IT basis and potentials, Digital tools (e.g. Big Data), People and Culture.

The analysis produces a SWOT with a ‘heat map’. This is contrasted with external research to define opportunities, calls-to-action and risks.

What we deliver

A clear, transparent status and prioritized recommendations.

This relates to business aspects, foundational aspects (e.g. IT or processes) as well as the development of the organization and the people.

Our clients also noticed that the project contributed to a common language about Digital and the inspiration of managers and staff.

The innovation-3 value-add.

Experience and Know-How
We know what it takes to succeed in innovation.
Be it incremental or non-incremental.
Be it physical or Digital.
Be it the individual innovation or the system.
Business creativity
We know how to design and scale new concepts in innovation management.
We know how to make the ‘Next Frontier of Innovation’ work for your company.
Be it Open Innovation portals or systematic Cross-Industry Innovation.
Be it in scaling up innovation concepts or building the ‘Scaling-Up Factory’.
Immediate impact
Our clients do not pay for learning curves.
We staff our projects only with experienced experts.
On demand, as your projects require.
So conversations add value – Right from Day One.

see what we do in open

Open Innovation is not new. But Digital adds another reason why companies have to become excellent in open approaches to innovation.

See what we do in Scaling-Up

Generating impact from innovation concepts is not easy. Industrializing Scaling-Up is even harder. We have the framework and the experience.

Profit from our experience

Ultimately, your ambitions count and your questions are the most important ones. Let's get in touch and start the discussion.