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Flagship conference: Open Innovation in Germany

HANDELSBLATT is Germany’s leading business daily newspaper.

I worked with them to set up what probably will be the THE leading Open Innovation conference this year (for the conference program have a look here) in Germany. The event will take place on December 02-03, 2010 in Frankfurt.

I was responsible for designing the program and speaker acquisition and secured top-notch speakers from my client base and my network. The topics that these people and I will present give a good impression on the hot issues that currently are discussed in Germany with respect to Open Innovation.

  • Bayer will show how they identify long-term innovations and fields for cross-industry innovation.
  • BASF presents their approach to innovation along the whole value chain and the university / research institute ecosystem they are building up.
  • Henkel is taking aim at cross-industry innovation and will show how they do it.
  • I am showing approaches and results from several Open Innovation projects on how large-scale culture change can be implemented.
  • Philips is demonstrating how a coupled outside-in / inside-out Open Innovation could be orchestrated.
  • Siemens presents how they use idea contests and internal social media for cross-divisional Open Innovation.
  • Deutsche Telekom gives insight into Open Innovation in the telecom industry.
  • Merck shows how cross-industry/cross-science Open Innovation could be set up using relevant OI “hubs”.
  • Vattenfall shows how Open Innovation in the energy industry could be implemented.
  • Porsche gives insight into how they approach Open Innovation.
  • General Electric presents approaches and successes in co-innovation
  • Osram, a division of Siemens, shows how they manage disruptive and Open Innovation.
  • 3M shows how social media can be used for Key Opinion Leader Management.
  • Henkel opens its toolbox for generating consumer insights and co-creation.
  • DHL, a division of Deutsche Post, shows how they opened up for Open Innovation.
  • Deutsche Telekom shows how they approach and manage consumer co-creation.
  • 3M present their approach Corporate Venture Capital as enabler for Open Innovation.

Anlong the way results of the study I did with Zeppelin University on the state of the art regarding German Open Innovation will be presented and Germany’s best Open Innovators be awarded.