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Hot topic in in Central Europe: Intra-firm Open Innovation

In preparing the next workshop of the innovation-3 Practitioner’s Expert Circle , innovation-3 asked its clients about hot topics that should be the discussed. Almost instantly, the topic of “Intra-firm Open Innovation” emerged.

Many firms in Central Europe do not see Open Innovation limited to the outside-in mode or the inside-out mode. Predominantly diversified corporations – with a large number of business lines, globally dispersed organizational units, and an often sub-optimal interplay between centralized Basic Research and Business-Unit R&D – are asking themselves how the huge of knowledge and Best Practices WITHIN th firm may be used in a much more productive way.

Enterprise 2.0 platforms surely can help in answering this question. But the „million dollar questions“ (in the truest sense of the word) are: How can I motivate staff th use the platform for this? What are the most effective levers – depending on the Open Innovation level of maturity – to speed up and to sustain the process of reaching out for additional expertise inside the firm? And what are the most effective approaches for integrating answers to innovation challenges that are found in a distant corner of the organization – including a win/win business model for the organizational units involved?

The workshop will take place in the second quarter of 2014 at one of innovation-3’s clients. We will report about the findings right here, in our blog.