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Hot topic in in Central Europe: Systematic Serendipity in Open Innovation

It seems that leading Open Innovation firms in Central Europe add a new twist to their Open / Collaborative Innovation: „Systematic Serendipity“, i.e. the systematic search for „unexpected“ innovation partners and innovation corridors.

We have two data points to support this thesis.

Firstly, we are currently supporting a major industrial company that builds up a new unit which would be responsible for Systematic Serendipity. The company asked itself: „We do have well defined search fields at corporate and Business Unit level – But how we can make sure that we are not overlooking „The Next Big Thing“ that may come from an angle that we are filtering out by focusing on our search fields?“

Secondly, we are currently planning a big event together with SAP on “Systematic Serendipity in Open Innovation”. The way it looks now there will be more than 50 participants in this event. Applying the Design Thinking approach, we will be zooming in on two major questions in this context:

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  • How can we identify the best external partners and internal lateral thinkers for a systematic search for unexpected innovation opportunities?
  • How can we best integrate internal and external innovation communities so that we support systematic serendipity?


If you are interested in participating in this event please use the contact form on our Web site and send us a short message.