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How to Make Cross-Industry, Cross-Science Innovation Work

Many companies have already discovered that breakthrough innovation needs openness to for cross-industry and cross-science approaches, and especially for new industries. The big question, the answer to which is worth millions of Euros, is how to do it.

In a 16-page case study (published here) I analyzed how InnovationLab is attempting to find an answer. InnovationLab is an innovation consortium of five companies and two universities, working on the emerging Organic Electronics industry

Based on case evidence I described how to get cross-industry / cross-science innovation started and then how it should be structured. Among the Key Success Factors are:

  • Ensuring consistent and enduring Top Management support
  • Establishing a shared vision
  • Choosing a value-chain-driven innovation approach
  • Ensuring physical proximity of the innovators involved
  • Setting up professional management of individual projects and cross-project synergies
  • Managing IP issues before collaboration starts
  • Building trust and personal relationships
  • Mechanisms for commercializing secondary innovation results