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Intrapreneurs work on the scale-up problem at #IntraCnf

So, your company has an Innovation Center / Digital Lab / Incubator / Accelerator etc.?
And you’ve got those validated big, disruptive / Digital concepts? Good.

But here’s the question: [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”null”]How many of your corporate start-ups become a x-million Euro business?[/inlinetweet]

If you are not satisfied, you are in good company.

Many companies face this what we cal the ‘scale-up problem’.
The solution will be an important cornerstone of future, dual innovation management systems.

We see a lot of traction for this thinking.

Case in point, number one: While some companies are still struggling with how to set up their ambidextrous innovation approaches and others seem to be quite happy with their activities in their Innovation Center / Digital Lab / Incubator / Accelerator etc., more than 20 leading companies want to see around the curve and join our Peer Group. They come from a broad range of industries (some of them being global leaders in their field)

Electronics / HealthTech, Pharma, Medical, Automotive, Technical Services, Construction, Cosmetics, Project development and construction, Lighting, Oil & Additives, Oil and Energy, Glass, Chemicals

so this seems to be a broad, general issue and not an industry-specific one.

Case in point, number two: Scale-up will be one of the topics of the next of the largest ‘glocal’ intrapreneurship conference at Stockholm, May 17-19.

More than 200 intrapreneurs are expected.

innovation-3’s Frank Mattes will be doing a [inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]Whiteboard session on ‘Scaling up corporate start-ups'[/inlinetweet]. Details are HERE.


Call-to-action, number one: Get your company on the ‘Yes, I am interested’ list for the Peer Group on Scaling-up. In the next weeks, we will close the build up and start work in a ‘members only’ set-up.

Call-to-action, number two: Let’s meet at Stockholm, May 17-19. We have a limited number of seats with a significant discount available.

In any one of these, just send Frank a short mail.