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Open Innovation at work in the metals industry

In many publications that you find, “Open Innovation” is a buzzword. In many publications, examples from industries such as the Fast Moving Consumer Goods are rehashed for the umpteenth time.

So it is quite refreshing and stimulating when an organization from a lesser-known industry (with respect to the proliferation of Open Innovation cases) opens its door and provides an in-depth insight into
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  • how Open Innovation was strategically set up
  • how collaboration between competitors in the pre-competitive space is organized
  • what the key issues were in implementation and how they were tackled
  • which experiences were made along the way.


Recently, one of innovation-3’s client did this.

Our client AMAP is the globally leading Open Innovation Research cluster in the field of the material technology of non-ferrous metals, their production and processing. You can find the interview HERE (in German language only).