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Open Innovation is not an interesting option.


Excellence in innovating within ecosystems is mandatory.

The clock is ticking faster and faster.
Digital Innovation opens doors to ‘Blue Oceans’.
All non-incremental innovation has to be Open. Period.

Ecosystem Innovation
Innovations need to be positioned in ecosystems

Non-incremental innovation isn’t about competition with the usual suspects anymore. It’s about winning in cross-industry ecosystems: Future Mobility, Connected Cars, Smart Homes, Digital Health, etc. It’s about seizing pivotal positions in emerging value chains.

B2B and B2C customers don’t want stand-alone innovations. They want seamless, holistic solutions with a superior customer experience.

Therefore, ‘good enough’ innovations that integrate with existing ecosystems and platforms win against superior stand-alone innovations.

Hence, non-incremental innovators must understand the platforms, ecosystems and value chains that emerge. Or establish new ones which will replace what is there.

Do you know your future ecosystem?

What are the pivotal points you need to seize?

We are experts in Ecosystem Innovation

What we do

We help to understand the ecosystems beyond the known: Who are the players, what are their strategies, which future scenarios are likely?

We define a winning value proposition in these future ecosystems.

We identify the pivotal points in which are the basis for sustainable competitive advantage.

We bring our clients together with the relevant players for cross-industry / cross-industry innovations.

And since ecosystem innovation is also unknown territory for the company, we help to win the organization.

What we deliver

Solid innovation hypotheses (typically, 10 to 12). These are visually enriched, described in detail and enriched with suitable validation experiments. Their level of detail allows for immediate processing.

Co-innovation opportunities with other major players from the future ecosystems.

Direct access to the decision makers in other companies.

Innovation in cross-x clusters
Science-to-business needs to be faster

Leading companies are turning more and more to cross-industry and/or cross-science clusters to reduce innovation risk in pre-competitive Research and time-from-lab-to-market.

In these clusters, they pool research capacities and orchestrate a number of large companies, SMEs and start-ups to shape the value chain – from materials and technology via systems and devices to applications.

Success needs careful planning and management. Potential pitfalls arise in ‘hard factors’ such as aligning on a shared strategy, in balancing commercial interests and IP but also in ‘soft factors’ such as different cultures and trustful co-operation.


When is a cross-x cluster helpful?

How can we ensure success?

We are experts in Cluster Innovation

What we do

We help to decide which topics are suitable for innovation clusters.

We support the decision whether a given challenge should be handled in a cluster or via other open approaches to innovation.

Within innovation clusters, we help to get the strategy right and the value to the cluster partners maximized.

What we deliver

Actionable recommendations which are based on a stringent and transparent methodology.

Consensus on key topics in a diverse stakeholder group.

The ‘What to do’ and the ‘Let’s do it’.

The innovation-3 value-add.

Experience and Know-How
We know what it takes to succeed in innovation.
Be it incremental or non-incremental.
Be it physical or Digital.
Be it the individual innovation or the system.
Business creativity
We know how to design and scale new concepts in innovation management.
We know how to make the ‘Next Frontier of Innovation’ work for your company.
Be it Open Innovation portals or systematic Cross-Industry Innovation.
Be it in scaling up innovation concepts or building the ‘Scaling-Up Factory’.
Immediate impact
Our clients do not pay for learning curves.
We staff our projects only with experienced experts.
On demand, as your projects require.
So conversations add value – Right from Day One.

What would you like to do now?

See what we do in Digital

Success in Digital requires building bridges: Between Digital Lab and Core, between functions and IT and between company and ecosystems.

See what we do in Scaling-Up

Generating impact from innovation concepts is not easy. Industrializing Scaling-Up is even harder. We have the framework and the experience.

Profit from our experience

Ultimately, your ambitions count and your questions are the most important ones. Let's get in touch and start the discussion.