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Proud to be in the Top10-list of articles on InnovationExcellence

Today we learned that the a recently published article on InnovationExcellence has been voted to be in the Top 10 of all articles in July 2013. InnovationExcellence is the largest global community on Innovation Management with more than 100,000 unique monthly visitors from more than 170 countries.

This article, co-written by innovation-3’s Frank Mattes and Ralph-Christian Ohr from Integrative Innovation, is the first part of a 3-part article series addressing the question how firms can optimally balance radical / breakthrough and incremental innovation.

This really seems to be a hot topic in Innovation Management – Judging not only by the positive response on Innovation Excellence but also from the results of a recent workshop in innovation-3′ Practitioner’s Expert Circle.

You can find the article also in our blog HERE.