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Frank Mattes, Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr

Scaling-Up Corporate Startups

Turn innovation concepts into business impact

7 out of 8 corporate startups do not generate business impact. The problem is not in generating ideas or in validating them – Typically these are managed by corporate Innovation Centers, Accelerators, Incubators, Digital Labs, etc.

The problem is in the subsequent phase – Scaling-Up.

To succeed in Scaling-Up, a solid methodology and a robust collaboration model between the corporate startup and the core organization is needed. If these are not in place, all Ideation and Validation is just a costly hobby.

innovation-3 has co-created the methodological framework and the collaboration model, together with leading firms.

The book contains both. It also contains case studies from some of our clients on how they are professionalizing Scaling-Up.

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Over time, we will share, White Papers, insights from client projects and much more on how to generate business impact from corporate start-ups.

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Frank Mattes

is founder and CEO of innovation-3, an international innovation agency focused on non-incremental innovation. He initiated the ‘Peer Group Scaling-Up’. Frank holds two M.Sc. titles in Applied Mathematics from Germany and the US. His work in innovation management now spans for over 25 years, within specialized boutique consulting companies, the Boston Consulting Group and innovation-3. Frank has worked at Board level for several greenfield startups and is a global Top-25-blogger in innovation.


Dr. Ralph-Christian Ohr

is Founder of ‘Dual Innovation’, a specialized consultancy on modern corporate innovation management, Associate Partner at innovation-3 and co-initiator of the ‘Peer Group Scaling-Up’. He held senior management positions in corporate innovation. Together with Frank, he pioneered how companies could use Organizational Ambidexterity to drive incremental and non-incremental innovation at the same time. Ralph is a global Top-10 innovation blogger in innovation.

Co-authors and contributors

Robert Bosch


Corporate consultant

Robert Bosch


CEO, grow platform



Chief Comm. Officer, Group Technology


Ann-Sophie Reinelt

Innovation Manager



COO at Orange Intrapreneurs Studio



Chief Innovation / Digitalization Officer 

TÜV Rheinland


Global Innovation Manager


Dr. Andreas

Head Innovation Management 


Jurado Apruzzese

Head of Innovation Portfolio, Core




Head of New Business Creation 


This book provides a framework for taking promising new concepts to scale using the best ideas from venture capital and the lean start-up world and makes these work in a corporate context. We are using this framework right now in BP.

David Eyton, Group Head of Technology at BP


For years, corporations have used innovation frameworks that were designed for start-ups and that missed many of the idiosyncrasies of corporate environments. This book fills this gap brilliantly and will enable many corporate innovators to substantially increase their impact in the main business.

David del Val, Chairman and CEO of Telefónica I+D


Innovation is cornerstone to any company that wants to achieve long lasting profitable growth. The challenge is to execute it. This book is a great reference to help transform the enterprise organization and mindset to manage innovation in a pragmatic and agile way.

Bertrand Rojat, VP Innovation Technocenter at Orange


Creating the new in corporate terms means enabling everyone to understand the ´Why´. This easy-to-read manual gives practical advice on balancing potentially scalable concepts in optimization triggered environments – and feel confident about it.

Dr.-Ing. Michael Fübi, CEO at TÜV Rheinland


The ongoing business transformation requires new ways of thinking and acting. Over the last years we went through an extensive learning journey. Some of these insights will be shared in this book.

– Prof. Dr. Thomas Kropf, President Corporate Sector Research at Bosch

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Over time, we will share, White Papers, insights from client projects and much more on how to generate business impact from corporate start-ups.

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