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Capturing value from non-incremental innovation is not easy.


Without excellence in Scaling-Up,
innovation is just a costly hobby.

Scaling-Up is ‘Death Valley’ for many innovation concepts.
But done right, a corporate start-up has the resources of a
large company and the entrepreneurial momentum of a small one.

Completing Pre-Scaling-Up / Validation
Without proper Pre-Scaling-Up, innovation is just a costly hobby

Scaling-Up is the most expensive part in the end-to-end innovation process. Therefore, the decision to scale up needs to have a solid foundation.

However, many companies do not have a solid foundation in place. They think that they have reached ‘product/market-fit’ and scale up too early. later they discover that they need to pivot, collaboration between scaleup and Core is not working – or the great ambition gets smaller and smaller.

Is the great innovation concept really ready to be scaled-up?

We are experts in Pre-Scaling-Up

What we do

We help to lay a solid foundation for Scaling-Up.

Typically, some validations have already been done when we start our work: The problem-solution-fit is established and some validation on the value proposition and  willingness to pay is also there.

Based on our unique and validated Pre-Scaling-Up framework, we identify White Spaces and run  experiments to test the hypotheses.

Typically, a dew iterations are needed until a convincing maturity level in our unique validation scorecard is achieved.

Based on our unique and validated Scaling-Up framework, we then work out an appropriate Scaling-Up plan.

What we deliver

A comprehensive validation of the innovation concepts with respect to Customer Desirability, Feasibility of Scaling-Up, Commercial Viability and ‘Contextuality’, i.e. the alignment of the corporate startup with core organization.

Or they get the recommendation to re-think the innovation because validation did not provide enough certainty on the success. We see ourselves as advocate for corporate resources: Should precious financial and human resources really be invested into this concept?

Validation is about getting facts and figures – Not about hunches. By being optimistic yet critical we help our clients to get an unbiased view.

Scaling up validated innovation concepts
7 out of 8 corporate scale-ups fail

Despite tremendous assets and talented teams, many companies find it hard to launch new businesses that disrupt existing markets and create new ones.

Up so far there is not a framework for Scaling-Up. Together with our clients – one of them being in the Fortune 15, several in the Fortune 200 – we have co-created and validated such a framework.

By using this framework, our clients are able to stack the odds for success of their corporate scaleups and/or majority-owned ventures.

Do you know how to generate business impact?

We are experts in Scaling-Up

What we do

We help companies to set the Scaling-Up of a fully validated innovation concept up for success.

We plan Scaling-Up with respect to the four key dimensions: Industrializing the product/service and the value chain; Making the market; Growth of the scale-up venture; Management system transitioning.

We ensure alignment of the corporate scaleup with C-level and Middle Management. And we address the ‘Areas of Tension’ that will inevitable arise between the corporate scaleup and the core organization.

And finally, we organize formal aspects in Scaling-Up (e.g. governance and funding) in an entrepreneurial, VC-type approach to Scaling-Up.

What we deliver

Our clients receive a solid game plan which is based to our unique and best-in-class Scaling-Up framework.

This game plan comprises the four decisive work streams, formal aspects and an effective collaboration model between the corporate scaleup venture and the core organization.

Via this game plan, an effective managerial is in place that allows for leveraging corporate assets but avoids putting too much ‘tax’ of corporate processes and rules onto the Emerging Business.

Building a ‘Scaling-Up Factory’
Many companies do not have the recipe for repeat success

Some of our clients are not satisfied with seeing one or the other innovation becoming a success. They want to build the organizational capability of Scaling-Up.

They aim to have repeatable success. They want to build a ‘Scaling-Up Factory’ in which 10, 20 or even 30 corporate scaleups at the same time are on their way to business impact.

Building a Scaling-Up Factory – in most cases a virtual organization distributed around the globe – is a complex task. But it can be done, as our project experience shows.

Do you have the formula to repeatedly generate business impact?

We are experts in building Scaling-Up Factories

What we do

We help to build the capability to create a pipeline of Emerging Businesses on an ongoing basis.

We design the process elements: Pre-Scaling-Up (for accelerating the time to full validation) and effective Scaling-Up.

We arrange Shared Services for the corporate scaleups so that they can focus on their primary tasks and repeat mistakes are being avoided.

We pinpoint where the core organization needs to change so that business impact is generated.

We come up with solutions how the Factory should be embedded into the organization and how funding issues (overall as well as the individual scaleup) should be addressed.

And finally we establish an internal Community-Of-Practice so that Best Practices in Scaling-Up are shared rapidly.

What we deliver

Our clients receive a solid game plan and implementation support.

Building the Factory could be done in a waterfall-type approach or in an agile way.

To achieve this, one or more corporate scaleups are put into a ‘Factory MVP’. By doing so, the individual scaleups are accelerated and at the same time it is becoming clearer how the Factory should be designed.

Our approach also delivers symbols for change: Success stories from the first scaleups, and a lively Community-Of-Practice where the key people meet, share and discuss.  

The innovation-3 value-add.

Experience and Know-How
We know what it takes to succeed in innovation.
Be it incremental or non-incremental.
Be it physical or Digital.
Be it the individual innovation or the system.
Business creativity
We know how to design and scale new concepts in innovation management.
We know how to make the ‘Next Frontier of Innovation’ work for your company.
Be it Open Innovation portals or systematic Cross-Industry Innovation.
Be it in scaling up innovation concepts or building the ‘Scaling-Up Factory’.
Immediate impact
Our clients do not pay for learning curves.
We staff our projects only with experienced experts.
On demand, as your projects require.
So conversations add value – Right from Day One.

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