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See the recording: Digital – What it means for R&D and Innovation

On January 18, 2017, innovation-3’s Frank Mattes gave a 1-hour speech on “Digital – What it means for R&D and Innovation”.

Frank spoke in front of ca. 150 people in Merck’s Innovation Center. The video was also broadcasted live in the Net where ca. 250 additional people watched.

You can see the recording below.


  • 00:00 Introduction to Merck Innovation Center
  • 10:10 Start of speech
  • 15:30 Digital Transformation
  • 26:15 Digital for Innovation and growth
  • 27:50 New innovation horizons
  • 46:30 New innovation ecosystems
  • 49:15 Change the way R&D and innovation is done
  • 59:00 Transformation and change